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Time Management for Creatives

When you’re in a creative field you are always doing a million things at once. When you run a blog you have to create content, edit content, edit images, communicate with companies, just to name a few things. Being a Graphic Designer, there are less things I have to “hire out.” That also means I’m responsible for completing more tasks on my own. How can you learn good time management skills while stretching yourself in so many directions?

Set Goals

Decide what your most important tasks are. Narrow them down to 3 or 4. Set a goal for when you would like to be finished with those tasks.

If you are painting, decide which parts of the painting you will complete and which ones you will save for later. If you are editing photos, set a goal of editing 10 images by the end of the day.

Once you accomplish a goal, see how much time you spent to complete it. Was it more or less than you thought you’d spend? Plan accordingly for the next time.

Be Reasonable

You will not be able to accomplish everything you set out to accomplish. Be reasonable and balanced. Be content with accomplishing the most important things. This is one thing that will keep you motivated, which is my next step.

Stay Motivated

There is nothing like a lack of motivation to make you want to waste time. That wasted time leads to poor time management and feelings of helplessness. I talk about this more in the post “Six Ways I Stay Motivated in Blogging (and Life).”

Take Breaks

This may sound counterproductive. Taking breaks allows you to look at your work with new eyes. You may find that the project that is taking so long is easily solvable after taking a break to refresh your thoughts.

Let me know if any of these tips help you. Creatives have to stick together.


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