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These art & design resources will help with you with all your design goals.

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Design Software

Adobe Products

I have been using Adobe products since 2006.



Learn Coding and more, for free. I’ve taken the HTML course. The courses are super hands-on. Use actual examples of code that you can see working in real time.

Backing up your Website

This tutorial is perfect for backing up your website. It makes it feel like you’re not “pulling teeth.” It is super easy and straightforward.

Marketing 101 (Worksheet for small businesses) Click here This worksheet is the perfect way to increase your customers. “Why is no one buying my products?” Find out why.

Marketing Plan Guide

This is a helpful article to learn what is needed to create a Marketing Plan. This is a great follow-up to my Marketing 101 worksheet.

Guide to Pinterest

his guide was helpful when I started using Pinterest to generate traffic to my blog. Pinterest is such a powerful tool.


Behance Portfolio

This is where my online portfolio is hosted. I’ve used it for a few years. It’s also a great site to see what other designers are doing. The company is part of Adobe.

Blogging Equipment

Canon Powershot SX530

This camera is a bridge camera. It is a workhorse and has so many features. The zoom on this is amazing!


This is the actual brand of tripod that I use. No complaints after about 4 years.

Computer (iMac) (PC-Lenovo)

My Lenovo laptop is about 2 years old. I also use Lenovo at my day job. No complaints. I’ve had my iMac for much longer.

SanDisk memory cards

For years I used generic memory cards only to have my data corrupted. Memory cards cannot by generic. Use these.

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Website Plugins

Titan Anti-spam & Security

I was shocked by the daily spam I got when I first started my blog. It was such a chore to get rid of it. This is what I use to get rid of spam. I don’t even think about spam anymore.

Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights

This plugin makes adding Google Analytics to your site super easy. No need to remember where you put the code.

Blogging Digital Tools

A2 Hosting

This is the hosting I use for this blog. I’ve used it since the blog started in 2018. I have no complaints. The customer service is attentive and my site is always fast and bug-free.


Planoly is a great tool to schedule Social Media posts. My favorite thing about it is that you set it and forget it. Automation at its best.


MailChimp automates emails to my audience to let them know when I have a new blog post. This is a great site for email newsletters of any kind.

Constant Contact

This is another great resource for email newsletters. I used this in the past. And while I don’t currently use this, I highly recommend it. The interface is much easier to use than MailChimp.