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DIY: Crochet Sunglasses Case for Beginners

Let’s make an easy DIY crochet sunglasses case. The weather is getting warm and we want to go outside. Keep your sunglasses handy with this super easy to make case. This project is perfect for beginners because it is super simple and easy. If you’ve never picked up a crochet needle in your life this is the perfect project for you!


  • yarn – Premier Just Active 109 yds. (100 m)
  • crochet needle – Susan Bates size K or 10 1/2 (6 1/2 mm)
  • scissors (not pictured)

Step 1: Assemble Crochet Sunglasses Case Supplies

You’re going to take your yarn and follow the directions on which way to pull out the yarn (below). This may sound strange but I have pulled it out wrong and ended up with a tangled ball of yarn. A lot of times if you open the paper it will give you a directions on where to pull out the yarn.


Start by making a loop with a knot (below, left). Then cut off the end so it’s not too long (below, middle). Stick your crochet needle through this loop (below, right)

Step 2: Begin Your Chain

With the hook of the crochet needle, grab the other end of the yarn and pull it through the loop (below, left and middle). Bring the needle hook up so it can grab more of the other end of the yarn. Use the hook to grab more of it and pull it through the loop you just made (below, right). You going to end up creating the beginning of a chain.

Let’s go over the steps again. The hook goes up through the loop and tries to “munch” on another piece of yarn and bring it through (below, left). Then it goes through the next loop and takes another piece of yarn and brings it through (below, middle and right). Try to make the chain as uniform as possible. Don’t make your loops different sizes.

Once you finish doing this you’ll have a chain. Make the chain a little longer than the length of your sunglasses. This way your sunglasses will be completely covered. My chain had about 20 links.


Step 3: Add onto the Chain

Now you’re going to build onto that original chain to eventually form a rectangle. Stick the needle through the top of your last link (below, left). Then take that needle and have it grab onto a piece of yarn. Pull that yard up through where you just came from. Now you will have two loops (below, middle). Pull that yarn through the two loops (below, right).

Here’s a rundown again of the basic steps. (Stick the needle through the bottom row, grab the yarn with the hook, bring it back up. Now two loops are formed. Bring the hook with the yarn attached, through the two loops.)

When you get to the end of each row you will need to add one extra loop at the end (below). If you forget this step your project will keep getting narrower and narrower. That last extra end loop creates the edge of the whole project. You want the case to be uniform.


Step 4: Keep the Chains Coming!

Your chains will build on each other. Watch your rectangle grow, as you complete the same basic stitch over and over again, row after row.

Keep at it. You’re doing great! Don’t skip spaces or you’ll have big gaps in your work. Unravel any stitches with gaps or where the links are too large. Make sure you take the needle through both sides (below).

Tips: When you get to the point where you need to take a break, stick the needle through any part and wrap the yarn around it so nothing comes undone.

Step 5: Adjust the Case

Place your sunglasses against the rectangle to see how big the case needs to be. I realized that mine was a little too long. So I unraveled some yarn to make it the right size (below, right). Make sure the sunglasses are fully covered.

Also, don’t make the case so tight that the sunglasses will be squished. Forming the rectangle around my sunglasses like a little taco seemed to work.

Step 6: Connecting the Sides

Now comes the fun part. You’re down to the final stretch of making your crochet sunglasses case. Take the needle and push it through the top link on the opposite side of the rectangle (below, left). Grab some of the yarn with the hook and pull it back through. You’ll have two loops (below, middle). Pull the yarn through those loops (below, right).

You’re going to do this down the whole length of the case until both sides are connected (below, left). Make sure that you go across evenly. And make sure that you’re using the top loops of the rectangle so it looks uniform (below, right).

Keep doing this as you round the corner at the bottom (below, left and middle). Finish it all the way out.

When you get to the end you’re going to make your normal loop (below, left). Pull the yarn all the way through the loop (below, middle). Then you’re going to cut the end of the yarn with the scissors (below, right).

Then tie a knot to finish it (below). I ended up making two knots.


You are going to take the crocket needle and put it through the inside of the finished case (below, left). Use the hook of the needle to bring that knot and the rest of the yarn inside the case (below, right).

You are all set! Your Easy Crochet Sunglasses Case is done!


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