Graphic Design Careers

Graphic Design Careers

In a previous post I explained how you can definitely start a successful career with an arts degree. Today I want to give examples of specific career paths you can take with a Graphic Design degree. One thing about creative degrees in general is that you are very flexible. You may start out teaching art (as I did at one point) and go on to working at an advertising agency.

Graphic Designer
Design and produce collateral material (brochures, booklets, posters, etc.) using software such as Adobe InDesign. Build and maintain websites using programs such as WordPress.

    • Every industry needs Graphic Designers. They are the ones that get “the products to the people.”
    • One main industry is advertising, where you are able to design creative ads to market products to consumers.


Art Teacher
Teach art to children or adults (possibly to adults with developmental disabilities).

    • This may be done in a school, a studio or a Day Program run by a social service agency.


Take and edit photos using the latest software such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom.

    • Real Estate agencies need photographers to take photos of homes for sale.
    • Wedding photographers capture that special day for couples.
    • Product development teams need photographs of the products they will be developing.
    • Once products past the development stage they need to be photographed for advertising and marketing purposes.


Use  Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw software to create beautiful illustrations and designs for a variety of media.

    • Publishing companies need illustrators to illustrate children’s books.
    • Illustrators are also needed to create technical drawings for publications such as manuals and user guides .


Creative Director
Manage the art related to marketing materials, including websites, advertising, brochures and other media items.

    • You can choose to work with the art and graphic images of promotional products in the advertising and business fields.



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