Six Ways I Stay Motivated with Blogging (and Life)

Six Ways I Stay Motivated with Blogging (and Life)

There are lots of things that take away our motivation. Sometimes it’s stress. Sometimes we’re just “not in the mood” for what we need to do. I’ve definitely experienced periods of writer’s block and lack of motivation while creating this blog. I do see a trend of the things that help me find my motivation again, though. I’m sharing them with you below in hopes they can help you regain your motivation, whether it’s blogging or just showing up for work tomorrow.

1. Lots of Lists

They provide accountability. When things are in black and white in front of you you feel as if it’s official. I can then make up my mind to do the tasks that need to be done. Crossing things off a list is so gratifying. That gratification is one big reason lists are so important. It’s like the gold sticker from your teacher that you were so glad to get. Only now you’re an adult and you’re giving yourself your own little gold sticker. It says “yay! you did it!”

2. Treating Myself

Patting yourself on the back is nice. But looking forward to something is also a great feeling. It doesn’t have to mean going out on a Target shopping spree. It could though. It can be something as simple as curling up to watch your favorite movie or taking a bubble bath. It’s just something to look forward to after all your hard work.

3. Setting a Time for Productivity

Being easily distracted is one of my biggest problems. Set a time to actually get the job done. It could be 30 minutes of actual work with no checking Instagram or whatever else distracts you. The Awkward Family Photos account on Instagram is such a time waster for me. After the time you’ve set is over, do whatever you want  for 5 minutes, then give yourself another set time to actually work.

4. Limiting Sugar Intake

Sugar makes me so groggy. I can’t sit up to write two sentences if I’ve had a bag of Twizzlers. I can’t just eat one. I’m so addicted to sugar, so still working on this. It’s one of the things that can make you drowsy and get off task. This leads me to my next tip.

5. Getting Enough Sleep

I need a minimum of 8 hours of sleep to stay focused during any given moment. It’s impossible to feel motivated when you’ve been at work for an hour and feel like you’re “still waking up.” I was like that this morning and it’s just so hard to have a good day when you’re spending all day counting the hours until you can go back to sleep. Let the National Sleep Foundation help you determine how much sleep you need for your body.

6. Good Background Music 

Music is so powerful. I talked about this in a post about how music can boost creativity. Music can be so helpful in getting you in the mood for whatever task you need to do. Having a specific playlist for specific tasks is really helpful.

Have these tips been helpful? I think motivation is the secret to so many things. Without it our lives can’t continue. We need the drive to do the things necessary for our lives.

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3 thoughts on “Six Ways I Stay Motivated with Blogging (and Life)

  1. Getting enough sleep is a challenge. It’s really easy to be unmotivated with blogging (writing, editing etc) that sometimes I’ll just okay, no blogging for this week lol.

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