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How to Be More Creative At Home

Let’s figure out how to be more creative at home. There are a lot of places you can go but it’s still so cold outside. So a lot of times we just want to stay home and be cozy. Keep reading for creative and art inspired things you can do at home.


Paint a picture on canvas or another surface. I have a few posts on how to paint with acrylic paints. I also have a post on how to do a Jackson Pollock inspired painting. YouTube painting tutorials are a go-to of mine as well.


Organize your art supplies

I find myself constantly having to get rid of things. It’s so easy to pile up art supplies that you never end up using. Check out my post on how to organize your art supplies like Marie Kondo. She actually happens to have a new book out as well.

Now you are able to get rid of what you don’t need and focus on the art projects you really enjoy. I gave up calligraphy during the pandemic. I tried it, but it wasn’t for me.

Tour a museum from home

Travel + Leisure magazine has a great article on different museums you can tour virtually. It’s very interesting. Check out all the online exhibits.

Try a new art form

We can get into a creative rut and always stick to doing same thing. Try something different from drawing. If you paint all the time, switch it up.

A year ago I tried my hand at making clay earrings. What’s something that you want to try that you didn’t have time to during the hectic summer months? This is your chance. 


Change Up Your Interior Design

This is the perfect chance to switch up the design in your home. Don’t plan a major renovation. Simply update a few things. Check out this post for small ways to add “High Impact” design to any space.

Changing the paint color and adding a plant are just two ways that transform a space.

Are there any other things you can think of be become more creative at home? Let me know in the comments.


  1. Nice post…and yes it’s cold outside.

    Being creative inside … room by room makes a welcome change to a present or future dwelling.

    Keep up the creative posts.

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