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Retro Travel: How Soon Do I Need to Be At the Airport?

The following is from our guest writer, Yvette. She wrote the post, “The Night the Lights Went Out.” She talked about her harrowing escape from a subway train. Now she’s here to talk about more retro travel and take us back to the golden era of travel.

The Present

Today we have to be mathematicians. “I have to leave my house at this time to allow for traffic and accidents. That way I should arrive at the airport at the right time. Then I’ll have plenty of time to go to the check-in counter or even curbside check-in. But will I have enough time to get through security? What about putting my shoes back on and collecting all my items at the end of the conveyor belt? I need to make sure I can make it to the gate before the 15 minute cut-off time. ”

The Past

Gone are the days of arriving at the airport just in time. Only to run to the boarding gate 10 minutes before the plane took off. No need for security checks. You felt at ease on the plane. You knew that everyone on board wanted to arrive at their destination just as safely as you. No concerns of someone wanting to do harm to anyone.

If only we could go back to those days. Stay tuned for more posts in the Retro Travel series.


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