Why I chose a Bridge Camera over a DSLR

Why I chose a Bridge Camera over a DSLR

My camera battery refused to hold a charge starting sometime in the spring. I purchased a new battery but nothing changed. After more than 10 years together, I was ready to let it go. In the meantime I used a combination of my sister’s camera and cell phones. Enough was enough. Black Friday was fast approaching and I decided it was time to purchase a camera. That was when I started thinking about the features I knew this camera would need to have.

Manual Settings

When I took photography I was trained to use a DSLR. The manual settings really allow you to adjust the camera to capture the best possible image. Despite that, I continued to use a point and shoot. Even now, with blogging, I was hesitant to go with a DSLR. My goal was to find a bridge camera. It would give me the ease of a point and shoot with a lot of the manual settings of a DSLR. There is also the flexibility of using a single lense. It turned out to be the perfect balance I needed.

Rechargeable Battery

This is something that was very important for me. After my go-to camera stopped working I used my sister’s camera for a couple trips and a trade show. It felt as if the camera stayed charged for 2 minutes, then continued to shut off due to dying batteries. Her camera used AA batteries as opposed to the rechargeable batteries I had become accustomed to after 10 years. Many bridge cameras I looked at used AA batteries. This included some very nice Nikons I looked at. Their lack of rechargeable batteries was a deal-breaker.

High Level of Optical Zoom

One of the uses for the camera, besides traveling and blogging, is attending concerts. I wanted a camera with a good amount of optical zoom for those photos that look like I’m in the 1st row, even when I’m in row 200. Many people confuse optical zoom and digital zoom. While digital zoom gets you closer to the object, optical zoom will get you the closest while still preserving the details and quality.

A brand I’m Loyal To

We become loyal to brands for a number of reasons. One being that the products work for us time and time again. One of those brands has been Canon for me. Back in the 90’s when my parents purchased their first color printer, Canon was the brand my dad chose after much research. When I finished school and began freelancing as a Graphic Designer, my printer of choice was again Canon. While I can tell it is on its last leg (nothing lasts forever), I still use that same Canon printer. My parents are also currently using a Canon Pixma printer. I knew that was the brand I wanted to go with when it came to purchasing my camera. A colleague also advised me to buy a camera from a company that is known for its cameras, not just a company that makes cameras.

In the end I chose the Canon Powershot SX530. It has all the features I was looking for. It does not have a viewfinder, which I realized would be nice. Besides that it does everything it is supposed to. I am looking forward to using it and seeing all that it can do.

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