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What I’ve Learned from Blogging Ater 6 Months

For years I’d visited blogs and really enjoyed getting to see into someone else’s life. You get to see what inspires them and the things that bring them joy. You might even get to see the struggles they’ve gone through. Through all that I found inspiration myself.

As someone who’s not the most extraverted person I was a little nervous about putting my thoughts and experiences out for other people to see. Being vulnerable is hard. But when I think about so many who have done this before me, I’m thankful for their honesty and vulnerability.

What I’ve learned so far:

1) Time Passes By Very Quickly

I wanted to blog or start some other creative outlet for so long. I realize that the best time to follow my dreams is in the present. There are no perfect circumstances. Choose now.

2) There is No Failure in Trying

When I would do something and I wasn’t successful I’d feel I was a failure. Through blogging, I’ve learned that the only time I’m a failure is when I never try at all.

There was always the fear that this blog would end as quickly as it started. You see so many blogs that you get so interested in reading, only to see them trail off into inactivity. If that happened to me would I feel like a failure? I don’t feel that way now. Trying something new and putting forth effort is success in itself. The only failure is never trying.

3) Blogging is A Lot of Hard Work

I knew that blogging wasn’t all about taking pretty pictures and boom! you’re done. I realized it would take a lot of work. It took a lot more time and effort than I realized it would.

If you think it will take you two hours to edit pictures, it will actually take four. Everything takes longer and you end up being such a perfectionist. You’ll go to bed at 1 am and not be able to get up for work in the morning. You’ll finally get up but won’t know what day it is. Blogging makes my memory issues even worse.

4) Blogging is A Lot of Fun

Blogging is a wonderful creative outlet. We are so bombarded with stimulus and it’s getting worse everyday. Our attention spans are getting shorter by the minute. It’s nice to take time out of the day to reflect on what’s really important or share something I’ve appreciated with my readers. It’s rewarding.

I’m curious what this type of post will look like in a year. I hope to be here in a year so we can see together.

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