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Learn How to Book Flights like a Pro

Book Flights like a Pro! Planning a trip can be stressful. I’ve discussed planning a trip in a previous post. Now I’m going to break down how I find my flights step by step. We’re going to do this together since I’m still trying to get back to South Korea in the spring. I didn’t end up going in November as I had planned.

Head on Over to Google Flights

There are options to change your dates to select the date with the best value during the time you plan on traveling. You can also use the price graph to see price trends during certain times of the month. You can also compare airports in your destination. If there are airlines you’d like to avoid you can click on the “airlines” drop down tab and deselect any airlines you do not want in your search.

Choose Your Departing Flight

Once you’ve chosen your dates and airline, choose your departing flight. Take into account the total flight time as well as the number of stops. Some flights are very inexpensive, however you may be spending lots of extra time on layovers when you could have already landed at your destination. If you want to spend extra time in other cities that’s also a choice you can make.


Choose Your Returning Flight

Follow the same steps to choose your returning flight. Keep in mind how early you will need to be to the airport. You will be leaving an unfamiliar place and should give yourself extra time to get lost. The flight below is with EVA Air since I’ve heard a lot of good things about them.

If you’re not ready to commit to the flight, track it by clicking on the “Track Prices” slider. There are also choices of how you’d like to book your flight.


A good thing to do before committing to any flight is to check the airline’s reviews. Now it’s time to head on over to Airline Equality and check EVA’s score. Airlines are listed in alphabetical order.


EVA’s score is the type you want to see. EVA Air received a solid 8 out of 10. Look through the reviews based on Food & Beverages, Inflight Entertainment, etc.

Once You Are Ready to Book

Now that you have decided what airline and your specific flight, you will need to choose your seat. Before you even actually choose your flight you are able to view the aircraft you will be flying on as well as the flight number.

This flight lists the Boeing 777 as the flight you will be on for the longest part of the flight. This is the seat you need to be the most comfortable. Even though many airlines use the same planes, they configure where the seats are differently. Some airlines squeeze passengers into the plane like sardines, while others are more kind. It’s time to head to SeatGuru to make a good seat choice. Select your airline followed by the flight date and number.

Avoid the seats marked in yellow and especially those in red. For any number of reasons, the are considered undesirable. As you can see above, seat 24A lacks a window. Seats in some areas don’t recline. Now you can make a good choice. If you’re going to be trapped in a metal tube for countless hours, you need to be comfortable.

Now you’ve learned how to Book Flights like a Pro! I plan to do more of these posts where I break down the actual trip planning steps that I use. Let me know if you are interested in seeing more posts like this.

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