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Architecture in Pétion-Ville Haiti

The Architecture in Pétion-Ville Haiti was the first thing I noticed as I entered this area of Haiti. The buildings in Pétion-Ville looked like many buildings in the Caribbean. Cement and cinder block are the construction materials of choice. Something stood out about these buildings though.

Homes started as grey cinder block frames with grates for windows. They transformed into beautiful “stone castles” on the mountaintop. I learned that while people are building their homes, many live in the unfinished shells during construction. There were also houses that were never finished because the builders ran out of money. That was similar to a lot of homes in St. Kitts.


There were older homes in the center of Pétion-Ville that had stood the test of time. They included wooden elements not seen in many of the more recently built homes. Those really sparked my curiosity, as I wondered what there history was and who had lived in them.


Besides the homes, I was able to see the restaurants, hotels and malls. Some of the hotels definitely had a French influence, as you can see in the image of a hotel directly below. Below that image is a mall, which featured many of the brands I am familiar with back home in the U.S. such as Puma.


There were all the usual town buildings I was used to seeing back home. Take the school and church below.

There were so many sights to be seen. I wanted to take photos of everything I saw. I loved the stucco effect on so many of the buildings I saw. If you are ever in Haiti, definitely check out all the wonderful architecture to be seen in Pétion-Ville. I also visit the town of Cerca Cavajal. Check it out here.


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