Architecture in Cerca Carvajal

Architecture in Cerca Carvajal

Cerca Carvajal is situated about 30 minutes from the city of Hinche and about 2 hours from Port-au-Prince. Houses similar to the cinder block ones found in Pétion-Ville are also found here. See my other post about the architecture there.

There is a feature on some of the houses I’ve never seen before. There are windows that have no glass. They contain lattice made of cement. Screens behind them keep out insects.

Other houses were made with found materials. Think of items such as dried mud and or tin. As seen below, you can see the houses through each stage of construction. Each house had its own personality.

I was able to visit a school during my trip. It was a large campus containing many buildings serving as classrooms and offices.

The last item I wanted to show was this beverage warehouse below. It could have been a simple plain building. Instead it was hand-painted to show all the brands of sodas and beers that are held there. So many of the buildings and advertisements were beautifully hand-painted, adding to the vibrant colorful atmosphere of Cerca Carvajal.

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