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The Only Travel Hacks You Will Ever Need

    • Bring an empty water bottle and fill it after you have passed through security. Choose a water bottle with either a hook or some other way to latch it onto your bag. This will save room for other items in your bag. I don’t recommend hanging it off your suitcase. Hang it from your daybag/backpack.


    • Use a hanging toiletry bag. These are a lifesaver when you’re traveling with other people and have to share a bathroom.




    • Create your own amenity kit to make economy feel more like First Class. I talk about doing this in a previous post. Some airlines (Emirates and Turkish) provide an amenity kit in economy.


    • Sit in the center of the plane to feel less turbulence. Sit in the back of the plane for easy access to more snacks.


    • Use less liquids since TSA liquid restrictions are so strict. Instead of using a liquid face wash, bring a facial bar soap. I tried this once two years ago and loved the results of the bar so much, it’s now all I use. Also choose body butter instead of lotion. Check that the one you use is in ounces (oz) instead of fluid ounces (fl oz).


    • Use a tote as your “personal item”. It can fit so much more than a pocketbook or purse and most are within the size limitations.


    • My favorite hack, hands down has to be using plastic shopping bags to carry items that don’t fit into your suitcase. Everyone hates the carry-on rules. This is the loophole to the rule. Many people purchase gifts in the airport after security, so plastic bags are not counted as actual luggage. It will still have to fit under your seat for takeoff though.


    • Wetwipes are great for everything. In hot climates, just wiping your face with one will provide an instant burst of refreshment right when you need it.


    • Order  a special meal (kosher or vegetarian) and you’re in-flight meal will be served before everyone elses.


  • If you have a special hack that you swear by, share it so we can all know.

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