Adding Texture in Illustrator

Adding Texture in Illustrator

When many think of adding texture, they think of Photoshop. How do you add texture in Illustrator though? This illustration of a Rolls-Royce interior is an example. When it came to adding the woodgrain, I was unsure of what to do. So I played around and came up with a great solution that I want to share.

Go to the “Effects” in Illustrator. They are categorized by Illustrator Effects and Photoshop Effects. Use both and experiment to get what you are looking for. The above examples are Photoshop Effects within Illustrator, which is unexpected. You are able to move the sliders and change the parameters of each individual effect as well.

The above example that mimics “Ancient Ruins” uses the Photoshop Effect Texture: Patchwork. Change the size of the squares and decide the amount of relief you want visible.

When you use these effects, the options are endless.

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