Hilton Garden Inn Dubai Al Mina Review

Hilton Garden Inn Dubai Al Mina Review

When it comes to accommodations, I have a few things I look for. I’m not too picky. As long as it’s clean and not too dated (stuck in the 80s).

The Hilton Garden Inn Al Mina exceeded my expectations. The lobby was large and the decor was nice. There were little Arabian touches throughout the decor.

The staff was very friendly. The tour desk staff in the lobby gave us good ideas as far as what to do and how to get there. Our room housekeeper always went the extra mile, even arranging our shoes, among other little touches.

The rooms were a good size. The beds were in between an American twin and an American full in terms of size. When you use the outlets, there is a switch you have to turn on to make the outlets actually work.

The bathroom was a good size. I especially appreciated the clothes line that came out of the wall, which made drying bathing suits really easy.

The hotel was located on a main road. There was a lot of construction going on around the hotel and you could see a lot of cranes. The closest place to purchase food was a gas station that had a convenience store inside. But I didn’t need to walk far to find good food.

The hotel buffet was amazing with a capital “A”. There were so many choices. There were American choices, Indian choices as well as Arabian choices I’d never tried before. Something I kept coming back to everyday were these almond cookies. They were shaped like muffins but with the texture of a cookie. And I can’t forget about the Masala tea, which I believe was a type of Chai tea. I brought some home with me.

The last morning of my trip I got to go up to the rooftop pool.  The pool was a good size and there were plenty of lounge chairs to go around. The pergola was also a nice touch. There were a lot of buildings being built nearby. I’d love to visit again in a few years and see how things have changed.

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