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How to Ride the Metro-North Railroad NH Line

Let’s take a ride on the Metro-North Railroad. We’re traveling between Grand Central Terminal and Fairfield County, Connecticut on the New Haven Line. Keep reading if this is your first time. See my favorite way to travel between New York City and Connecticut.

Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan is a hub that connects you to many different places. I take the New Haven Line of the Metro-North Railroad. This line covers a good portion of the southern coast of Connecticut.

Purchasing Metro-North Railroad Tickets

Use the MTA website (here) to see the train schedules and purchase tickets. Enter your starting train station and where you’d like to go. You can search by the time you’d like to leave at. Or search by the time you’d like to arrive by. The website will also provide train times before and after the time you selected. This gives you a broader range of which train time works best.

Look at the different train travel times. Some train routes will clearly take less time. These express trains will get you there quicker. That’s because they only stop at major stations.

Ticket prices vary depending on the time of day. Peak tickets costs more. Off-peak tickets cost less. Purchase peak tickets when traveling during the morning or evening rush hours. Tickets sold outside of those times are Off-peak. There usually isn’t a good reason to choose a peak train unless you absolutely must arrive at a peak time.

Paying for tickets inside the train also costs more. Purchase your tickets using the MTA app, online, or at your train station for the best value.

Grand Central Terminal is a destination in itself. Check out my Grand Central Terminal post to learn more about this landmark station.

The Metro-North Train Cars

The train cars themselves have improved greatly in recent years. There have been a few incidents where I’ve been stuck on broken down trains. Those days are over.


Now all the cars have been replaced by brand new ones. The seats are quite comfortable and there’s a lot of space. Seats contain power outlets. Don’t look for on board Wi-Fi.


Sights in New York

Check out all the different neighborhoods of Manhattan as you leave the station. See all the unique architecture. Many older buildings are made of brick. No two are the same. A lot of them have murals painted on the sides of them that you can view from the train.


Expect to pass many bridges on your journey. Water surrounds New York City.

Don’t miss all the graffiti. There will definitely be something to suit your taste. Each section is dominated by a different artist. This one in particular caught my eye. I like the use of green.

The train tracks back many homes. Admire the architecture of these homes. A lot of remarkable homes are located in Westchester County. Harrison is a town in this county. It has many beautiful homes. Westchester County is also home to a nice local airport.

Sections of the train are along the highway. Experience a different perspective as you pass the cars behind. You’re not stuck in traffic. That’s one thing I love about taking the train. It’s also nice to sleep on the train after an eventful trip to the city. You can’t do that when you’re driving.


Entering Connecticut

The water views from the train are quite amazing. A lot of the towns in Fairfield County have rivers where people keep their boats. There are also a lot of nice waterfront restaurants.


Stamford is a main station where you can transfer to other stations. It’s a big city that has a lot of tall buildings. Many company branches are located here. Think Elizabeth Arden and Henkel, among others.


Thinking about taking Amtrak? You might just see one while riding on the Metro-North New Haven line. I talked about the new Amtrak trains in a recent post. Click here to read it.

If you have any other questions about taking the train I’d be glad to answer them in the comments. Or you can shoot me an email

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