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Murray Hill Architecture: A Walking Tour

Murray Hill architecture is all about New York City high society. Come take a walk with me as we experience this historic wonder together.


Getting there

The neighborhood is within walking distance of Grand Central Terminal. The terminal is on 42th Street. Take the Lexington Avenue exit and walk south, straight down Lexington. You arrive in Murray Hill starting around 40th Street. Once you get to that point, start walking down the side streets. All the streets that are perpendicular to Lexington will be Murray Hill. No one knows the real boundaries. But that will give you an idea.

Murray Hill History

The Murray Hill Neighborhood Association (MHNA) is a great resource if you’re looking to learn more about Murray Hill architecture and history. The neighborhood is named after Robert Murray. He moved to New York in 1753. He purchased a lot of property in what is now Manhattan.


The Murray family were Quakers, however they were part of the wealthy New York Society of the time. They held a lot of lavish parties. One famous party is rumored to have influenced the Revolutionary War.


The city grew as construction changed neighborhoods. The Murray family put restrictions on their land. They came up with the Murray Hill restriction. This restriction banned the use of the land for building anything other than a brick or stone building. It seems that restriction helped preserve this part of New York City for what it is today.


The Murray Hill Neighborhood Association Preservation & Design Committee offers monthly guided walking tours. These are to introduce you to significant landmarks in the neighborhood.


How did you enjoy our walking tour of Murray Hill architecture? Are there any other neighborhoods in Manhattan you want to check out? Let me know in the comments.


  1. Nice walking tour, Kelcy. Takes me back to yesteryear… the small white building reminds me of the building I worked at years ago on 5th Avenue…a small brownstone…in the middle of everything…outside the hustle & bustle of Manhattan…inside a small international banking firm with 10 employees and a loft on the top floor.
    Beautiful and picturesque …
    Thanks again for the virtual tour.

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