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Exciting Amtrak Revamp on Long Distance Routes

Exciting news from Amtrak! Traveling on trains is coming back in style. In South Korea I rode their bullet train. Do I ride long distance trains in the U.S.? Not so much. It’s been a really long time. The trains here are pretty lack-luster. That’s changing! Amtrak is overhauling their onboard experience.

Train Exterior

Amtrak is pouring in millions of dollars into a multi-year improvement project. The improvements are all about the customer experience. Expect upgrades on trains serving long distance overnight routes across the U.S.

Superliner Coach Lower Level
Dining Car

Amtrak’s “Superliner” fleet serves mainly midwestern, southern and western routes. Upgrades include new seating cushions and upholstery, carpet, LED lighting, and more. Expect upgrades on the other cars (dining, sleeping and sightseer lounges) as well. [Sightseer lounge shown in first image.] Look out for similar improvements being made to the “Viewliner I” fleet. This fleet operates routes to and from the east and southeast.

Superliner Bedroom
Superliner Roomette

Over 450 railcars will be upgraded over the next three years. The cost is a whopping $28 million. These cars have been in service since the 1980s and 1990s. These improvements are definitely needed. The first upgraded coaches will carry travelers starting in summer 2021. The other three types of Superliners will start service in the fall.

All images courtesy of Amtrak.

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