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Georgia Aquarium Tour, Atlanta Georgia

I’m not one to frequent aquariums. When I do visit, though, I always enjoy myself. The Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, Georgia was no different.

One of the first animals I saw at the aquarium were the Otters. They were so cute. They played with all their toys. Then they even put on a little show for us. Guess who else put on a show for us?

The Dolphins! We were able to see a dolphin show with all their jumps and tricks. There was a “no photography policy” during the show. However, I was able to get a few nice shots before we actually went into the room for the show.


The aquarium had so many different types of fish. See the Clownfish (below) just like in the movie Finding Nemo. And he’s swimming around the anemone.

There was a Whale Shark which was huge. I couldn’t believe it could be that big. They are considered the largest of the fish species. The one below was over 30′ long.


The Penguins were one of my favorite animals to see. I loved the way they waddled and interacted with us from behind the glass. There was even an area where you could crawl under and pop your head up and be inside their enclosure.


I did that and that’s how I was able to get some really close shots. I definitely recommend doing that if you go to the Penguin exhibit. You do have to crawl on your hands and knees and it gets very tight, but it was definitely worth it.

One of the queens of the whole aquarium was a giant Octopus. The staff told us they weren’t sure if she was going to make an appearance. They told us that she likes to hide. So we were not sure if we’d actually get to see her. But to our surprise she did come out and I got really good pictures of her. She was a light pinky purple color and I feel like she was half my size.


There were also Sea Stars in the same tank as the octopus. They were really cute and looked as if they were relaxing and just enjoying life without a care in the world. If you have children there is a petting pool at some point in the beginning of the aquarium. I believe they can touch the Sea Stars. I almost said “Starfish.” But they’re not actual fish, if I remember correctly.


If you are in the downtown Atlanta area, definitely check out the Georgia Aquarium. It was such a nice experience to see all these amazing creatures.

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