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Chinatown, Manhattan Tour

I love living near New York City and being able to go to places like Chinatown. You can just hop on the train and feel like you’re in another country. It’s a great experience.


Last month when I went to the MET I also spent some time in Chinatown and Little Italy. From 5th Avenue, I crossed over to Lexington Avenue. Then I took the # 6 subway all the way down to the Canal Street stop.

Little Italy was nice. I was able to have dinner there. But there was something missing. It didn’t feel authentic. When I went to Chinatown I felt like I was back in Taiwan. Side note: I’ve never actually been to Mainland China.


Canal street was the main area I walked through. You could see the Chinese influence is so much of the architecture. So many of the signs were in Mandarin. Even the McDonald’s had Chinese characters. I didn’t go inside, but I don’t think they offered any special menu items. It is still located inside the United States, afterall.

The highlight of my trip to Chinatown was visiting the local shops. There were bakeries and food stalls and little delis. One little supermarket had so many different items.

It was called New Kam Man Supermarket. The address is 200 Canal Street, New York, NY 10013. I researched it and found out that it is a chain. There are also locations in New Jersey and Massachusetts.


Something worth noting was all the traditional medicines (below). There were so many different dried items in jars. I had no idea what they were but it was so interesting.

The little supermarket also had a basement. They sold Japanese pottery. I had to rush and look through really fast because the store was closing. They started turning the lights out while I was looking. So don’t go there on a Sunday. Everything closes around 5:30pm.

I was able to leave with some Japanese candy. Yuzu flavored gummy candy is amazing. I was going to buy a lot more items. The taxes were so high in New York that I put some items back. I will definitely go back and visit that store again. I also want to buy some food from the stalls I saw. I wasn’t able to walk around outside as much because it rained off and on that day.

There were so many different vegetables and fruits that were so much less expensive than in Connecticut. So I will be going back. If you find yourself in Manhattan you should also checkout Chinatown.

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