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Strolling through Atlanta, Georgia

What comes to your mind when you think of Atlanta, Georgia? Is it the Coca-Cola factory? What about the 1996 Olympics? For me, it’s those things, plus family too.

I walked past the Centennial Olympic Park in May. 23 years ago the Games of the XXVI Olympiad took place. We know them as the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. It seemed as if it was yesterday that my grandparents were packing up 33 years of their lives and moving to Georgia.


I still remember sitting in her house watching the start of the games with my sister as everyone else packed boxes. I wanted to be just like Dominique Dawes. And there I was, 23 years later, walking past the Olympic Park. It brought a rush of so many good memories. 


I always loved visiting the Coca-cola factory in Atlanta during family trips. My favorite part was the room with sodas from all over the world. To think that now I able to travel the world and sample not only soda, but so much more, from so many different places.


The factory has since moved to a different location in Atlanta. I think it used to be located within walking distance of the Atlanta Underground. Now it’s located near the Atlanta Aquarium. Unfortunately, I was not able to tour it on this trip. 


I drove though areas I hadn’t been to in at least 6 years. I also saw family members I hadn’t seen in many years. It was interesting to see how things had changed. 


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