The MET: Metropolitan Museum of Art Tour

The MET: Metropolitan Museum of Art Tour

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City! It’s like seeing the whole world under one roof. You have the Americas, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Ancient Europe! The MET is another quintessential New York City experience.


I visited the MET earlier this month with my father. Visiting the Islamic Art Exhibit was a top priority. There were other exhibits I was excited to see as well.


There was a special exhibit in the Asian section for Korean art. You all know by now how much I love visiting Korea. They had lots of vases and Ceramics from the Joseon Dynasty Period. There were also instruments and utensils common during that time period.


A section in the Asian art showcased ancient Chinese art. It included a beautiful outdoor courtyard scene. There was a skylight above. I felt like I was outdoors. 

From the courtyard there was an indoor section that showed traditional wooden furniture. The styles were so unique and it was very interesting. Keep scrolling to see all the wood details. I wonder how long it took to make the doors.

The Middle East

From the Asian art section, I traveled the Middle Eastern lands section. The Islamic Art room was featured there. The room reminded me of buildings in Dubai. The details were breathtaking. The tile installation process was shown on online articles. But, now I could see it for myself.


The ceiling had so much detail. It must have taken so much work to finish it. The fountain in the middle was so simple, yet so stunning at the same time. I did expect the room to be larger. However, it was just as beautiful as I expected. From there I went on to the rest of the Middle Eastern section.

There was art from places like Mesopotamia. The human-headed winged lions led to the entrance of Babylon. I enjoyed that section a lot.

Ancient Egypt

Next, it was on to one of my favorite places in the whole entire MET Museum. It’s the Egyptian section! The section started with various statues, then I passed different sarcophaguses and mummies. I did feel that was a little strange. Those people never expected to be part of some exhibit in a museum thousands of years later. But the sarcophagus’ were beautiful.


The large room with the water feature had a temple. It’s great for photo ops and it was just really beautiful. I would love to have the opportunity to visit at the actual country of Egypt one day.


If you’re someone who loves history and ancient civilizations, definitely visit the MET. You will not be disappointed. How can we know where we’re going if we don’t know where we’ve come from.

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