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Experience Interior Design for Yachts

I talk a lot about Interior Design on this blog. And it’s usually about houses or buildings. But what about Interior Design for yachts? We’re mixing design with travel, which is what this blog is all about. I went to the Progressive Norwalk Boat Show last weekend and there was a lot to see.


People do actually live on boats. Not all of them are luxury mega yachts. Some are modest sailboats or motorboats. But they’re people’s homes. They want to be comfortable and enjoy their surroundings. So they design their boats to make them feel like a home.

The same way people decorate their living rooms at home, people decorate their yachts with fabrics and pillows and different cushions. In this case they have to think about materials that can work in damp conditions. So there’s a less likelihood of mold. That’s an extra thing to think about.


When it comes to kitchen design you have to think about storage. How can you store items so that they won’t fall down when you’re in motion? Where do you store items when you have such a limited space?


I love the design of the bathrooms on so many of these yachts. The materials they use and the types of wood are so beautiful. You foret that you’re even on a boat.

So whether you’re designing your home that doesn’t move or you’re designing your home that is on the water, you still want to make it feel cozy and comfortable. There are just a few extra considerations you have to make when your house will be in motion.

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