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Luxury Vintage Car Showcase

It’s been a long time since since I’ve posted anything about automotive design or cars in general. My phone has been holding up these stunning photos. The photos are from the Greenwich Concours D’elegance Car Show. Every year the car show is held in Greenwich, Connecticut.

I haven’t attended in a couple of years and hope to be able to attend this year. The show showcases some of the rarest vintage cars in the world. Now you can see why I can’t wait to go back.

Mercedes 300 SL Gull Wing

Mercedes Benz produced only 29 of the 300 SL Gull Wings with aluminum bodies. This is according to RM Sotheby’s Auctions. It’s hard to tell if the one in my photos is one of the 29. Certain markings determine if it’s actually one of the 29.

Mercedes 300 SL Gull Wing

Behind the Rolls Royce below is the tent where an auction was taking place. An auction is a common sight at the show.

Rolls Royce Silver Clowd

The show features American cars and a lot of foreign cars as well. This Aston Martin DBS V8 was one of the most popular cars at the show. See the image below. Aston Martin produced the DBS V8 from 1969-1972. This is according to the Aston Martin website.

Aston Martin DBS V8

Definitely stop by the show this year. It runs from Friday May 31- Sunday June 2nd. You will not be disappointed.

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