South Korea Architecture -Old Meets New

South Korea Architecture -Old Meets New

One of the first things that strikes you about South Korea is the architecture. In the middle of bustling Seoul lies ancient architecture juxtaposed with tall modern skyscrapers. It’s that contrast that makes the country such a unique place to visit.


The image seen below shows the attention to detail given to the majestic buildings that are part of the Gyeongbokgung palace complex. It wonderfully showcases the traditional Korean home architecture referred to as hanok.

The painted parts are repainted periodically. It helps them to maintain their vibrance. You see how these buildings really are a labor of love.


In the middle of all of this are the contemporary homes and apartments. Many, as seen in the photo below provide a mix between the old and new. Their roofs mimic the traditional hanok-style, while the buildings are clearly not nearly as old.

The homes above are found in Changwon. It is near the main city of Busan, which is in the southern part of the country. Many more people live in spread out homes there, as opposed to Seoul where many live in tall high rise apartment buildings.

The photo below shows an area of Seoul called Sillim-dong. It’s located in the southwest corner of Seoul. The apartment buildings in this area tend to be shorter and more spread out than areas of Seoul such as Gangnam. You are still able to notice many roofs that resemble the traditional hanok-style.

Step outside of Seoul and into Ansan, which can be seen below. Many would see this photo and think they were in Seoul. There is definitely a shared influence in the architecture.


There are also a lot of unique buildings. The one below uses concrete. It is an unusual sight in its Mapo-gu neighborhood. It is the headquarters of a k-pop record label and also a nice way to end our tour of South Korea architecture.

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