Best Apps for Travel

Best Apps for Travel

When I’m traveling I use so many different apps for so many different things. Some apps are for communicating with loved ones back home. Others help me navigate my destination. Let me share my go-to apps for travel.


WhatsApp is very popular in the US and also in many caribbean countries. It now features video calling which really helps when you’re starting to feel homesick. There are also features that allow you to share stories with those in your contacts list.

Kakao Talk

This was my go-to app for video calling before Whatsapp came out with their own video calling feature. I still use this app since it’s very popular in many Asian countries and allows me to communicate with my friends living in Asia. I even use it with my family and friends in the US because it’s so fun to use.

A unique feature of the app is that similar to the messaging app Line, there are actual stores where you can purchase the cute emoji characters featured in the app. In the picture above, I’m taking a photo with Ryan, who at the time was a newly introduced Kakao character in the Kakao store at the Coex Mall in Seoul, South Korea.

Easy Currency Converter

The Easy Currency Converter app is simple and easy to use. Instantly see the currency exchange rate for 180 currencies. There is a feature that allows you to see ‘real time’ exchange rates. My favorite part is that you can use it offline, which is great for destinations with spotty wi-fi. I talk more about my experiences converting currency in my Top Problems While Traveling in a Foreign Country post.

Google Translate

This is something that I use so much. And while nothing is 100% accurate, Google Translate works well for the most part. It’s a great app for when you are in a foreign country and have no idea how to speak the local language. I always make it a goal to learn how to say at the very least, “please” and “thank you” in the native language.

One recent feature allows you to take a picture of a sign or any item with wording. Don’t give it a whole paragraph, however, it works great when you want to make sure you’re not eating poison.

Another feature allows you to hand write the words you want to translate. This is perfect for when someone is trying to give you directions in an alphabet you don’t understand.

Google Maps

Google Maps allows you to make custom maps specific to your destination. I teach you how to do this in this post. It makes it so easy to navigate your destination.

You are able to plan your travel based on the distances between locations. It makes it so much easier to realistically determine how much ground you can cover in a day.

These are the apps I use every single time I travel. What are your go-to apps?

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