Creating an Inspiration Board

Creating an Inspiration Board

Being goal oriented helps us to grow. When I was younger I had so many goals. As I near 30, I am glad to have reached so many goals and milestones. However, I also can tell when I start to feel stagnant. This means I need new goals to achieve. As a visual and creative person, inspiration boards are a great way for me to be goal oriented in a creative way.

We have so many things like Pinterest and Instagram but nothing is as satisfying as putting together physical pictures and other items that inspire us. Where to start capturing your goals and aspirations you ask?

The Timeline Inspiration Board
Proceed with caution on this one. Having a strict timeline of accomplishments is a recipe for disaster as I’ve found out many times. Base it, not in ages or decades, but the general order of certain things you want to accomplish. Maybe you add pictures of your dream travel destinations. Don’t set a time limit.

The Artist Inspiration Board
If you are someone who creates art, what are the things that inspire you? Do you envision vibrant sunsets or bustling cityscapes? Maybe it’s neon lights or graffiti. Add pictures or actual items to your board. Think fabric scraps and postcards.

Specialized Inspiration Boards
Are you getting married or soon to welcome a baby? Use an inspiration board  to plan your wedding. Even something like planning a vacation. I love Pinterest, but nothing is as exciting as touching a fabric sample or invitation draft. Decorating a baby’s room, or any room for that matter can be made easier with an inspiration board.

Putting it together
Cork boards are one example of an inspiration board backdrop. A fabric covered, or plain canvas also does the trick. Place it in a location you see regularly. This can be inside your closet or on the back of a closet door. Placing it on the back of room doors may lead to it getting messed up over time. Look to it anytime you need to be reminded of your goals, and what you are looking forward to.

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