Make Economy Feel Like First Class

Make Economy Feel Like First Class

We’ve all been there. Admiring those passengers who board first, arriving out of nowhere from their secret lounge. You’ll all be squeezed in a metal tube, but it will be a little easier for them. Let me help you bridge the class gap and experience a little of the “good life.”

Some airlines, like Turkish Airlines and Emirates offer amenity kits to Economy passengers. Most airlines however reserve that little treat for Business and First Class only. The first step towards feeling like First Class is creating your  own amenity kit. What should you include?

This is all up to your own personal taste. One important thing that most amenity kits include is a toothbrush and toothpaste. Nothing like having morning breath for a 10 hour flight.

I cannot sleep on a plane without a neck pillow. The pillows they provide on planes are never large enough. And don’t forget to add an eye mask as well to help you fall asleep faster.

Face cream is another essential. Airplanes are dry because the same air is recirculated hour after hour. Don’t stop at your face though, as your arms and legs will thank you as well. Don’t forget to bring things that are specific to your individual needs.

For me, that includes deodorant, lip balm as well as a mini Lysol disinfectant spray. It’s nice to feel fresh on a long flight. Deodorants allow you to be more pleasant to your seatmates as well. The lip balm has to do with the airplane dryness I spoke about earlier. The disinfectant spray is necessary because planes are just plain gross. So many people are in and out of planes and it’s impossible for planes to be thoroughly cleaned daily. Then there are little bonuses that add a nice touch.

These include sheet masks to help with relaxation, a pack of tissues and your own headphones. The headphones airlines provide are fine, but there’s nothing like having your own. That brings me to the next thing it’s best to bring your own of, food.

During short haul flights, Economy passengers can be happy to get a few crackers. In First Class, however, there are other options. Have better options as well, by bringing your own food. These include things that are not messy and easy to pack. Think of packs of crackers or cookies, sandwiches and fruit cups. Long haul Economy flights provide better options when it comes to food. But the options are still nothing like First Class. I applaud airlines that provide real silverware in Economy but most do not. When choosing your meal, choose the meal native to the airline’s country. It’s the best way to know that you will have a meal that tastes good. Feel free to bring your own snacks as well. There’s one last thing that comes to mind when I think of First class, lots and lots of space.

The first way to get more space is to book the seat on certain planes that has no seat in front. I spoke about Seat Guru on my post Choosing the Right Airline. This website allows you to see where the “magic seats” are. These are the most popular seats and you’ll probably have to pay to book these seats in advance. If these seats are already taken when you book, or you don’t want to pay extra, I have another tip. Check-in to your flight within the 24/48 hour window to secure a seat you like, for free. Nothing is written in stone though. At the airline desk, ask the ground crew to see what seats are available. Maybe the good seats are free now due to cancellations. I was able to share a 4 seat row on a recent trip with only my sister. This allowed me the chance to lay out and sleep over three seats. It was pure bliss. Try these tips and let me know if you are able to experience a taste of the “good life.”

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