DIY: Host a Wine and Painting Party

DIY: Host a Wine and Painting Party


There are so many wine and painting places popping up. They are great places to get together with friends. Have you ever thought of hosting one at home? It’s easier than you think.

What to buy:
Wine of course (one bottle per group of three people)
Canvases in a range of sizes
Acrylic or gouache paint (One or two sets will work for a pretty large group of people. If purchasing individual bottles, purchase a color range of about six colors per group of three people.)
Paint brushes in various sizes.

Use an old sheet to cover surfaces that you’d prefer to get paint on them.

Use items like fruits or other similar sized items to create “still life” displays to inspire your guests.

Have guests bring old t-shirts to wear as smocks.

You’re all set! Have fun!

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