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Cool Travel Gadgets: Put to the Test in Haiti

I was going to post this before my trip to Haiti, but was having technical difficulties. It kind of worked out because I was able to actually put the gadgets to the test. Continue reading to see my experiences.

Bugables Citronella Bracelets

The first gadget I tested out were these citronella bracelets by the brand Bugables. A friend told me they had worked for her and I was excited to see what they would do for me. They were really cute and came with phrases such as “BFF” and “No Bullying.” After testing them on one arm consistently for 4 days, there were no mosquito bites to be found. I couldn’t say the same for my other limbs. They say for wrists and ankles, however they are a little small for an adult ankle. Even your wrists need to be rather small for them to fit. I definitely recommend these.

Off Family Care Insect Repellent with Aloe Vera

Another item I used to try to reduce mosquito bites was Off brand Family Care Insect Repellent with Aloe Vera. I used this in conjunction with the Citronella bracelets. I sprayed all of my limbs with the spray. All received bites except for the the arm I constantly kept the Citronella bracelet on.  I will say that it didn’t work for me. However, the label clearly says “repels mosquitoes that may carry the West Nile Virus”. The mosquitoes in Haiti are not know to carry the West Nile Virus. That could be the reason it didn’t work for me. I should have done more research.

Saltstick Fastchews Electrolyte Tablets

I get dehydrated easily so I wanted something that would hydrate me like Gatorade, but without me having to find a restroom 24/7. I did a lot of research (Google) and found lots of products. Many required you to dissolve them in water. The Saltstick Fastchews Electrolyte Tablets really caught my eye as they were chewable and orange flavored. Not to mention, they are naturally flavored and include no artificial sweeteners or colors. I used them after extensive walking/overall surviving in a hot climate. I really felt that I had more energy after taking them. They receive my stamp of approval.

Solar-Powered Power Banks

Family friends introduced me to these in Montreal earlier this year. It took me a while to actually buy one because I didn’t I needed one. Fast forward to preparing for this trip. I decided to purchase two, as there are times in Haiti when electricity is not available. In addition to being solar chargers, they are able to work as regular spare battery chargers. The ones I purchased also included a light and compass, which definitely added to the cool factor.

They were fully charged in the US so I first tested how fast they charged my devices. I give them my stamp of approval. As far as the solar power charging went, they held so much power from my charge in the US, I never actually got to test the solar power function in Haiti. Just based on the speed at which they charge devices, I would definitely recommend them.

Bonus Item:
Vacuum seal packing bags

I’ve been a fan of packing cubes for the last 2 years. They are a life-saver because they organize everything in your suitcase. When you arrive to your destination they are like little drawers that keep all your clothes organized. These vacuum seal bags are packing cubes on steroids. They condense everything so easily. I was worried about needing help to take the air out, since all the websites said a lot of strength is needed to do so. Don’t worry, since I was able to take out the air all by myself.  You may need to do it once or twice, since the first time I tried the bag was all bunchy and didn’t lay flat. Transporting clothes wet clothes that hadn’t finished drying was also a synch, since the bags kept my other clothes from getting wet. Definitely give these a try.

That is my list of gadgets. What are your current must-have travel gadgets?


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