Strolling Around Walnut Beach in Milford, CT

Strolling Around Walnut Beach in Milford, CT

One of my favorite local beaches is Walnut Beach in Milford, Connecticut. Lots of people complain about the beaches in the Northeast. While they’re not the same as beaches in the South or in the Caribbean, they are not that bad. So that’s where I was last weekend.

There are lots of little houses and shops that have sprung up recently in this area of Milford. This means there are things to do even if you’re not going to the actual beach. We walked around some of the new housing developments there. One of them was even featured on an HGTV show recently. That made us even more apt to walk around and see that.

The highlight of the evening was getting ice cream at the Walnut Beach Creamery. They make every batch by hand and have a lot of unique flavors.

Some of the current flavors below:

  • Carrot Cake
  • Sinful Ginger
  • Tea Time – Black tea infused ice cream with shortbread cookie.
  • Lavender Fig
  • Myrtle Beach Turtle – Honey Caramel with pecan turtle pralines.
  • Nutty Yankee (photographed) – Almond, dried cranberries and coconut.
  • Salty Dog – Dark chocolate ice cream with homemade sea salt caramel.
  • Moo – strawberry & oreo
  • Walnut Beach Mud – Belgium chocolate with espresso brownies
  • Myrtle Beach Turtle – Honey Caramel with pecan turtle pralines.

Sometimes you need those trips to just sit back, relax and stroll around. That’s what this trip felt like. You’re a tourist in your own backyard.

Don’t worry. We will be traveling a little farther from home very soon. (Keep an eye out!) For now it’s nice to just be able to be local. 

Note: One beach section is private for condo residents of a nearby complex. Avoid this section and go to the main beach entrance. Signs tell you which section is which.

4 thoughts on “Strolling Around Walnut Beach in Milford, CT

  1. Thanks for the tip Kelcy. I tried the Nutty Yankee.
    It was very good. The little walk around the area was also very refreshing.

  2. Nice trip.

    I’d love to try some of those different ice cream flavors… especially the ones with pecan pralines…Myrtle Beach Turtle… Yummm

    Reminds me of my weekend trips to Savannah…especially the candy shoppes making praline in the storefront windows…

    Thanks Kelcy for the trip… nice as always.

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