Brewery Tour at Two Roads in Stratford, CT

Brewery Tour at Two Roads in Stratford, CT

We’re continuing to check out local spots and this brewery is up next. I visited Two Roads Brewing Company in Stratford, Connecticut and took a self-guided tour.

Two buildings make up the brewery. There’s the first building that is the original building. Area Two-Experimental Brewing is housed in the second one. That is their experimental lab. It’s where they make small batches and do product development, creating one-of-a-kind brews. Both buildings have tasting rooms.


Area Two

We started off in Area Two to see what type of flavors they were working on. Some featured flavors were Party Cake, Pineapple Sour D and Twoquila just to name a few.


Flavors change so you have to see what’s on the menu that day. Lots of barrels covered the lower level. There were also these two gold machines that reminded me of Willy Wonka’s factory. They also look like giant Hershey’s kisses. I have no idea what they do. See them in the picture below.

Outside there is an area where you can order drinks and eat food. Different food trucks come on different days. The day I was there there was a taco truck. There’s also this really cool Airstream RV that is on the property. You can order food across the street at the pizza restaurant PizzaCo. Grab your food and drinks and sit at a table on the grass. They play music. The atmosphere is relaxed and it’s a great summertime hangout.

Two Roads- Main Building

After we finished our pizza from PizzaCo we headed over to the main building and that’s where we purchased some drinks to go. We got H2ROADS which is craft hard seltzer infused with real fruit juice. Flavors include raspberry, grapefruit and cranberry lime.


You can buy Two Roads brews in many states across the country. You don’t just have to come to Connecticut. 

Just another relaxing day trip in Connecticut.

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