Antique Shopping at the Stratford Antique Center

Antique Shopping at the Stratford Antique Center

Is looking for antiques your thing? It’s not usually mine. But I got the opportunity to go to the Stratford Antique Center and I decided to check it out. It’s located in Stratford, Connecticut.

I was expecting lots of things found in people’s attics. Instead, I found lots of classic pieces I can really see being used in Interior Design. Keep reading to see what I found.


There are little cubicles for each vendor to sell their own items. Items are tagged with that vendor’s number. This means no one is looking over your shoulder pressuring you to buy their items. When you purchase an item the cashier will know exactly who the vendor is by the tag.

Antique Kitchen Items

I saw a lot of dishes. Antique dishes came from different time periods. There was a dish for every style. I saw a lot of colored glass which is quite popular now. They were similar to the Estelle’s Colored Glass brand.


Antique Home Décor

A lot of pieces were home décor items. Look at the picture below and you’ll see the chess set. Items like that are perfect for designing and curating your home. There were a lot of interesting finds. Take the sailboat for example. There were a lot of vases. Each seller has their own distinct style. So there’s a strong chance you’ll find something you like.

Unique Items

Definitely go here if you’re looking for something that no one else has. This 1950s television was very unique. It would be such a talking piece in a mid-century modern living room. The glass top turns it into a cool table.

There were also other unique furniture pieces such as the chairs that you see below. They appear to be chairs from an Asian country. I don’t know the specifics. But they were definitely unique and very beautiful. 

Are you a treasure seeker by nature? Or you’re like me and appreciate great design pieces? Either way I suggest checking out the Stratford Antique Center.


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