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Dream Hotel Bedroom Interior Design Inspiration

Dream hotel definitely describes the Zero Star Hotel in Walensee, Switzerland. It’s just you and the stars. Maybe your dream hotel is a little more subtle. With less travel means less hotel stays. This is the perfect time to design your bedroom after your favorite dream hotel. You don’t have to copy the whole exact room. But take your favorite elements and add it to your bedroom.

Summer Camp Hotel

Take the Summer Camp Hotel on Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, USA. Look at the texture of the back wall. Can you add a textured wallpaper to one of the walls in your bedroom? Many of them are peel and stick. So you can switch it up if you change your mind. Also look at the light fixture. It’s so unique. Maybe you can find something similar in a store near you or you can look online. Even just the geometric shapes on the pillows would add such an nice pop to an average bed. There are so many things you can take away from this room.

Summer Camp Hotel

Venice Hotel

The Venice hotel in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam takes one color and throws different pops of it all throughout the room. They took the color from the artwork on the wall. Find an inspiration piece. Then use that color to add pops of color throughout your bedroom. The panels on the walls are another nice touch. That can be done by attaching wood pieces to your wall to form rectangles.

Venice Hotel

The Flats Luxury Suites

The room below is from The Flats Luxury Suites in Utah, USA. Look at that gorgeous tufted headboard. The bed is the center of the bedroom. Changing your bedframe makes such a difference. Even adding a new headboard to an existing standard bedframe makes a huge impact. Maybe add a bench like the one in front of this bed. It just adds such a beautiful simplistic touch to the room. And you have somewhere to sit down.

The Flats Luxury Suites

Which element are you going to add to your bedroom. I recently added a velvet headboard to my bed and it makes such a difference. Let me know what you’d like to incorporate in your bedroom in the comments.

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  1. Nice ideas Kelcy…
    I bought a Paris themed folding screen with my base color deep orange…it added a nice accent and changed the dimensions of my space…
    Also working on a picture of the Eiffel Tower (paint by numbers) but it takes me back to where I want to be…even though travel is not in my vocabulary right now.
    My picture is on my Pinterest page under small home living…

    1. The folding screen sounds really nice. I also love deep orange. Definitely, it’s nice to at least think about where we’d like to be, until we can visit again.

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