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Top Travel Lifestyle Blogs: 2021 Edition

Hi everyone! It’s all about the travel lifestyle. Even when we’re just reading about it at home. Keep reading to learn which travel lifestyle blogs I love reading. I say travel lifestyle because they’re not all solely dedicated to travel. These are the blogs that I bookmark and subscribe to. One of them even provided inspiration for me to start blogging in the first place. I’ll also explain the reasons I like each of them.

Yours Truly Yinka

I recently stumbled upon Yours Truly Yinka. And I was hooked. Yinka, the writer, is also from Connecticut. So I was definitely excited to be able to read a local blog. One with places not far from me and that I can visit easily. This has been especially true during the pandemic. Local is key right now. If you’re on the East Coast, even if you’re not, you’ll love reading her posts.

Extra Petite

Extra Petite is a blog written by Jean. This blog was one of my inspirations to start blogging. I do read the blog for the fashion. But I really love reading the travel lifestyle posts. She gives you all the important details of where to stay and where to eat. One of my favorite’s was a post where she flew to Hong Kong. Another post showed her experience flying the airline Cathay Pacific (Hong Kong’s national carrier). I loved those posts because later that same year I was on my way to South Korea via Hong Kong. Cathay Pacific was the airline I used. I felt like I was so much more prepared for the trip after reading her posts.

The Blog Abroad

The Blog Abroad is written by Glo. I love the storytelling in her posts. You feel like you really get a sense of the places she’s visiting. Like she’s carrying you in her pocket everywhere she goes. There is true value from each post you read. Then there is her honesty as she navigates her life as a travel blogger and entrepreneur.

One Mile at a Time

I love One Mile at a Time for the behind the scenes look at travel. Ben (aka Lucky), the writer, keeps me up to date with all the latest travel industry news. Which airlines have the best food? What is the hottest new hotel in XYZ? He is also a master of using points and miles to get great travel deals.

These are just a few of the travel lifestyle blogs that I love reading. I could go on and on. And maybe I’ll share more in a future post. Let’s all stay inspired to enjoy the privilege that is the ability is travel.


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