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2021 Aviation News – Exciting!

What’s making 2021 aviation news headlines? Will things be better in the new year? Things were not so good for the aviation industry as a whole in 2020. But it’s the start of a new year! And surprisingly there is actually some optimism and positivity swirling around the industry. Two just released news stories made me feel excited to travel again very very soon. I’m talking about Uganda Airlines and their new Airbus A330neo. Then there’s Emirates who just introduced their new premium economy product. Let’s Jump Right In!

Uganda Airlines’ New A330neo

Uganda Airlines started in August 2019. That means that today it’s not even two years old! They’re making 2021 aviation news headlines by taking a giant leap of faith. The brand new Airbus A330neo will allow Uganda Airlines to offer nonstop InterContinental flights to the Middle East, Europe and Asia. This is the second A330neo delivery. Kuwait Airlines received the first one. Uganda Airlines plans to add a second one to its fleet this month.

Courtesy of Airbus

Check out Josh Cahill’s video all about the aircraft’s delivery flight. It takes you all the way from the Airbus factory in Hamburg, Germany to its new home in Entebbe, Uganda.

The A330neo burns 25% less fuel per seat then previous-generation competitors. And the color scheme the airline chose is pretty awesome. It reminds me of coffee with caramel drizzle. No standard blues and greens here. I hope that Uganda Airlines’ giant leap of faith encourages more optimism and aids in the aviation industry regaining its strength.

Courtesy of Airbus

Emirates’ New Premium Economy

Emirates owns the most Airbus A380 aircraft in the industry. They added premium economy to their newest A380 orders. This is their first time offering premium economy ever. Yet they are one of the most recognized and loved airlines. That’s why this is making headlines in 2021 aviation news. They’ll add five more A380s to their fleet over 2021 and 2022. They’ll also install the premium economy class on some of their Boeing 777X aircraft. Look out for that sometime in 2023.

Courtesy of Emirates

Nothing was rushed. This had to be none other than Emirates’ premium economy. And Emirates is all about the details. Their regular economy is heights above so many other airlines. So you know the premium economy had to be good. Check out their video showcasing it.

Ready for the tech specs? You’re looking at a 19.5 inch seat with 40 inch pitch, that reclines 8 inches. Anti-stain cream leather covers the seats. The stitching and wood panel finishing resembles their business class. 

Courtesy of Emirates

Adding another service class in the middle of a pandemic is definitely another leap of faith. I hope that Emirates’ spirit inspires other airlines as well. Travel has definitely changed. But there is so much to look forward to.


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