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Stay Safe Traveling: Pandemics and Beyond

Now more than ever everyone wants to stay safe while traveling. We have issues like getting sick from food-borne illnesses but now we have even bigger issues. The principle is the same. There are still things that we can do to keep ourselves as safe as possible while traveling. An earlier post talked about top problems while traveling in a foreign country. One of them has to do with getting sick. We’ll start there.

Stay Safe with Ginseng and Ginger Candies

As a precaution, carry ginseng and ginger candies with you at all times. You can even make your own. They’re perfect for getting rid of bloat, indigestion and nausea. If you don’t need them yourself they may work for someone else. I was on a plane with a woman that got very sick from the airplane food. She was very thankful for the ginseng I had in my carry-on.  You can get these at a lot of  Asian supermarkets. Many other supermarkets carry them as well.

Be Careful Where You Eat

Only go to restaurants and food stalls with steady traffic. Don’t go to a restaurant that has one customer or zero customers. The food will not be fresh because it’s been sitting around. It will be more likely to carry food-borne illnesses. The busiest restaurants are the ones where you’re least likely to get sick because food has to be constantly made.

If there’s something you see that makes you a little uneasy, don’t eat there. Trust your gut. Get it! This may include outright filth or evidence of vermin (been there). Or it could be someone using the same gloves to handle your money and your food. If it looks fishy, it’s probably fishy.

Water Works

Washing your hands regularly is no secret. This is hard to do when you’re traveling so we use a lot of hand sanitizer. But when there is soap and water available, use that instead. It does a better job.

Know whether or not the water is drinkable. There are places where it’s common to not drink the water. And many people only drink bottled water when traveling. Don’t forget about locally-bottled juices and sodas. I have a friend who avoided all tap water but then drank a locally-bottled soda and got very sick because they used the same untreated water.

Wear Compression Clothing

Before you even get to your destination you may be taking a long haul flight (generally 8 hours +). You can develop blood clots. (Though I know of cases where elderly people developed blood clots on flights less than 8 hours.) I suggest compression socks, stockings or leggings. Increase the blood flow to your legs and feet to avoid blood clots.

Use the Right Type of Wipes

Make sure that the wipes you’re using to disinfect the plane and other surfaces are actually fighting viruses and bacteria. For the longest time I would use non-antibacterial Wet Wipes to wipe down the plane. And I’d use the same Wet Wipes to wash my hands. The sensitive skin Wet Wipes do not kill viruses and bacteria. So check the label to make sure the type you use does actually kill viruses and bacteria.

Can you think of anything else? Let me know in the comments. 


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