Blogging: The Realities Behind the Screen

Blogging: The Realities Behind the Screen

What really is blogging? What is it like to sit behind the computer screen? I talked about how this journey started in a couple previous blog posts. Check out my 6 month blogiversary and my 1 year blogiversary.

It’s so stressful to meet with people in different industries and make a good impression. Do they even know what bloggers do? Will they want to work with me?

You want that great shot, but there are so many people getting in your way. Then you get the shot you were looking for, only to go home and realize all the shots came out grainy and blurry. And no amount of Photoshop will be able to fix them.

I’m so very afraid of flying. Many people don’t realize this. Every single time I step onto a plane, there are moments where I fear “it’s the end”. I talked about how I am still in the process of conquering my fear of flying about a year ago.

There is the jetlag and exhaustion after a nearly 16 hour flight. Then spending 12 hours on a layover before another flight. It is very exhausting. I may be smiling in photos, though, there were times when I felt awful and so drained.

Not to mention how much blood, sweat and tears goes into being consistent with content. That’s one reason so many people start blogging only to stop after 6 months or a year. But then I think about the positive side.

I’m grateful for the ability to travel. I understand that it is a privilege many will never know. The experiences had and the feeling of brightening up someone’s day makes you want to keep blogging. It’s knowing that you can encourage someone to choose the art path, even when their family would rather they chose a “safer” career path. It’s that moment someone decides to buy a plane ticket after being hesitant to travel. Those are the moments I think about that make me smile.

4 thoughts on “Blogging: The Realities Behind the Screen

  1. You’re a good blogger. I always enjoy your series & your honest evaluations…
    Keep up the good work… I’m traveling through your eyes … and looking to the future to make it all a reality.
    Thanks Kelcy …

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