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Interior Design Inspiration: Living Rooms

If kitchens are the heart of the home, then living rooms are the lungs. (I made that up myself.) They come in second but are still very much needed. And they help turn a house into home. Three things stand out to me when it comes to living room design. First the furniture, then the walls and lastly architectural elements.

Living Room Furniture

You walk into a living room and it’s stuck in a time warp. 9 times out of 10 it’s the furniture that’s the problem. Furniture sets the tone for the whole room.

The couch above is such a bold statement that really is a great feature element. It frames out the whole room and centers it. The image below features two leather poufs and a coffee table that add a lot of style to an already bold living room. I love poufs and own two. They make perfect ottomans and are great for extra seating.

The Walls

The walls can add so much drama to an otherwise bland room. I was not always a fan of wallpaper. I still prefer the peel and stick versions. It it just too much work to remove.

If I had to go with wallpaper, I’d go with a bold print like the one above. It’s simple and monochromatic, which means it can cater to many different tastes. Without the wallpaper, the room would be very neutral and plain. The wallpaper adds life to the room. I’ve always loved paint, though. I could never live surrounded by white walls.

The bold hunter green walls above may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they definitely make this room stand out. I don’t even really like green, but this room is forcing me to change my mind.

Architectural Elements

No matter how nice the furniture is or bold the walls are, unique architectural elements add a big punch of style.

I love the loft style of the apartment above. The exposed pipes and other industrial elements are a nice contrast to the beautiful Mid Century Modern chairs. The living room below features large built in bookcases and lots of natural light. The stairs in the background are another unique architectural feature that adds style.

Whether you’re renovating or want to add a single design element, change one of these major living room features. It will make a world of difference.

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