Interior Design Trends I’m Loving

Interior Design Trends I’m Loving

Mid Century Modern

There is nothing like the classic lines of  an Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman (above) that has inspired so many designs since its debut in 1956.  Charles and Ray Eames designed chairs that are recognizable worldwide and for good reason. They were simple with a design that has stood the test of time. Their designs personify the Mid Century Modern trend.

When you see Mid Century Modern interiors, is your first thought the show Mad Men? Design elements were so classic in a way that was really ahead of their time. Style your living room in this style and live out your vintage housewife dreams. It’s all about the scale and lines of the furniture. From the buffets to the light fixtures, the attention to detail is very evident. The gold finishes and distinctive hardware take you on a journey to America in another time and place.

mid century modern buffet


Think of the feeling of the cement floor on your feet. Imagine all the raw textures and surfaces. Industrial design is raw, rough and unrefined. There is something so calming about being surrounded by the natural ascetics of unrefined cement, wood, and metal. You’re uncovering the elements most would try to conceal. You’re showcasing them in all their glory.

If you’re in a loft, there is the history of the building to consider. What type of businesses were housed there? Who were the people who walked those steps before? All those things add to the appeal of Industrial Design.

cement wall interior

painted brick walls


It’s an almost sterile aesthetic. There are the clean lines and smooth surfaces you’d imagine on a spaceship. Think of living in your own home of the future just like the Jetson’s. Only you’re actually living in the 21st century. How cool is that?

Modern design brought us Mid-Century Modern design. What is considered “modern” is always evolving and it’s interesting to watch the progression of what is considered “modern” from decade to decade.

white galley kitchen

white kitchen

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