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Stylenanda Pink Hotel Myeongdong Tour

Was I walking into a hotel or a store? It was almost hard to tell as I walked into the “Lobby.” I had walked into the 3CE Stylenanda Pink Hotel store in Myeongdong Seoul, South Korea. I had seen lots of videos online and wanted to checkout it out for myself. It was such a creative concept for a store.

1F: The Lobby

A large information booth greated me upon arrival. It gave me that vintage Los Angeles hotel vibe. Or whatever I imagine a vintage L.A. hotel is like. It was complete with room keys and a bell to ring the bellboy.

Pink walls surrounded me as I walked past all the 3CE makeup stands. There were a lot of 3CE collections to choose from.

All the way at the end of the hall was the elevator. It was time to check into our hotel and enjoy the Stylenanda “Spa.”


2F: The Spa

This spa consisted of makeup counters, mirrors and sinks. The marble sinks were such a nice touch. It gave a real spa feeling. I wish I was able to photograph it more, but it was very crowded.

It also had a bathtub filled with flowers. I kept walking and found a bed suspended from the ceiling and overlooking the front door.

3F: The Rooms

This was where all the clothes were. Racks of clothes lined this floor. What better way to try on clothing than actual “guestrooms”?

4F: The Laundry

Inside the laundry I found lots of accessories on display. Think socks, earrings and all types of hats and shoes. The washing machines were a nice touch. It actually felt like a real Stylenanda Nanda Laundromat.

F5: The Pool and Cafe

On the 5th floor was the pool and cafe. Jeans and denim surrounded me.

There was also a sign on the floor to remind me that there was “no diving” allowed. Lots of other clothing items lined this floor as well.

Then I made my way up to the Pink Pool Cafe terrace. The sky was very blue that day and the view of Myeongdong was really incredible. I had a completely unobstructed view of the surrounding area.

If you find yourself in Myeongdong definitely check this place out. It was such a great experience.

Stylenanda Pink Hotel Flagship Store

37-8, Myeongdong 8-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Opening hours: 11:00am~11:00pm

Phone:  +822-752-4546


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