Skyline Architecture: that Takes Your Breath Away

Skyline Architecture: that Takes Your Breath Away

A skyline reminds us of the beauty of nearby and foreign cities. The architecture they display capture a whole moment and give us wanderlust. Take Buenos Aires (above) for example. Look at the way the buildings are are different sizes and shapes. I love that contrast.

Let’s transport ourselves to nearby and far away locales. Keep scrolling and picture yourself traveling to new and interesting places.

New York City

Image by Timo Wagner

New adventures await me everytime I visit New York City. It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve been there. It changes literally every day. New neighborhoods emerge and old ones evolve into something new.

The New York City skyline stirs up so much emotion for so many people. It served as a gateway into the rest of the United States for so many people. Look out for a future post on Ellis Island coming soon. The history and its iconicness make the New York City skyline recognizable by so many the world over.


Image by David Rodrigo

A sea of metal in the middle of the desert. That’s how I describe the Dubai skyline. This was especially true as I witnessed the buildings from above before landing in Dubai.

Gaze at the Dubai skyline and become mesmerized by the tallest building in the world. The Burj Khalifa and the rest of the buildings stand out in stark contrast from the surrounding desert. It’s the contrast that makes this skyline so unique.

Hong Kong

Image by Pauline Mae de Leon

Hong Kong is a place I’ve wanted to visit for quite some time. The architecture is one of the things that has always stood out to me.

The buildings sparkle and glisten. They reflect beautifully onto the Victoria Harbor. It’s that sparkle and shine that draws us in and makes us want to experience this city for ourselves.

Which skylines stand out to you? Which ones give you wanderlust?

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