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Cute Cafe: Billy Angel Cake Co. in Itaewon

Visit a cute cafe in Seoul: check! There are lots of cute instagrammable cafes/bakeries in Seoul. Itaewon was somewhere I’d never been before. Let’s check out a cute cafe in Itaewon together.


The Billy Angel Cake Co. in Itaewon will make all your sweet dreams come true. They pride themselves on using natural ingredients and have received the HACCP award for food safety from the Korea Food and Drug Administration. What other cute cafe in Seoul can say that?

There were lots of teas, coffees and other drinks to choose from. Not only were their desserts cute, they actually tasted good! We know that’s not always the case. There were lots of options to choose from. The options ranged from cakes to crepes. Of course they had macarons, which I can never pass up at any bakery.

Check out the delectable macarons above. Vanilla (left) as well as salted caramel (right) were both delicious.

The Rainbow Crepe (above) was quite unique. You could devour it all at once or eat each layer one by one. That’s because each colored layer had its own unique flavor.

The Galaxy Cake (above) had delicate layers of yellow cake and chocolate cream cheese. If the cakes don’t get you, the cafe itself will. It’s definitely a cute cafe that is perfect for Instagram.


The location in Itaewon takes up about 4 floors of a tall and narrow building. Pay for your desserts on the first floor. Then choose a level to enjoy your treats.

The tables and chairs reminded me that I was in a cool Seoul cafe/bakery. The wallpaper transported me to a different place entirely.

Decor included white and gold accents as well as the occasional cactus tree. Books lined one wall of the floor I was on.


There were plenty of tables and chairs to sit at. The whole place was perfect for enjoying a treat while catching up on work or study.

I feel like it could have also been an awesome place for a Bridal Shower or Baby Shower for some reason. There was just so much room and the chairs and tables were so cute.

There are lots of locations. If you are ever in Seoul looking for the perfect “cute cafe”, then the Billy Angel Cake Co. is your place.

Check out their Instagram for even more photos!

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