Graphic Design Freelance Must-haves

Graphic Design Freelance Must-haves

So you want to be a Freelance Graphic Designer. These are the tools you will need to truly succeed. Keep reading to find out what tools are most important.

Graphic Design Software

Quality software means a quality product. While I’ve used basic programs to edit photos (think “paint” that comes on every PC ), you will need to invest at a point. Adobe is the standard for Graphic Design. There are also others, such as QuarkXpress and CorelDraw.

Graphic Design Hardware

Choose a laptop or desktop that can handle the heavy-duty software you will need. Make sure it has enough ram and storage. Also think about the screen size. You don’t want to be squinting on a 13″ laptop.

Illustration markers

Illustration markers are great for quick design mockups. They can give your client an idea of the finished product.

Quality pencils

Low quality pencils will not last. Most importantly, they won’t produce quality work. Learn the types you like most and stick to those.

Business cards

Be remembered. Stand out. Memorable business cards are the way to do this. Include your specialties and your contact information. Don’t include too much information, which will make it appear cluttered.

Online portfolio

Expect to be asked for your online portfolio on 100% of your job applications. They want a quick look at your work before they consider you for a project. If you’re not sure what to include, checkout this post.

Small physical portfolio

Carry a small physical portfolio for your Graphic Design work as well. This depends on the type of work you will be doing. Include this is you will be designing brochures, packaging and things that you want your potential client to actually handle in person. For web based projects this may not always be necessary.

Is there anything I’m missing? Let me know in the comments.

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