What to Include in Your Online Portfolio

What to Include in Your Online Portfolio

A few posts ago I shared tips on how to ace the interview for your dream job. I mentioned that it is so essential to have a well put together online portfolio. Now I will share what types of projects to include in your portfolio.

Software Examples

Think about the type of software you are most familiar with. Is it Adobe Illustrator or are you a Dreamweaver superstar? This is your time to shine. Include projects you are very proud of that use the software you are most experienced with. Use as many examples in your online portfolio as you like as long as they really show your skills.

Unique Work

Have you taken on any projects that you consider unique? These can be products where you have used techniques that are uncommon. For example, when I was in school I loved a drawing technique called stippling to create gradients. It is very labor intensive and makes a lot of people cross-eyed when they use it. I loved the technique as I found it very relaxing. Use techniques that make your online portfolio stand out, even if it’s not something you see your peers using.

Include Variety

It’s important to include a wide variety of the work you are capable of doing. Even if you love using Photoshop, what other Adobe products are you familiar with? Even if you are less familiar with programs such as Illustrator and InDesign, show your best work using those programs. Do you dabble in photography from time to time? Include your best shots.

Include Non-paid Projects

Contest entries make great online portfolio additions. Whether you won a prize or not, if they are pieces you are very proud of that showcase your skills, use them. Are there projects that you’ve created in your spare time that you are especially proud of? Use them.

Use this as a guide when developing your online portfolio. Research reputable online portfolio sites before you decide on one. I use Behance, which is part of Adobe and have been very happy with the results. You are also able to see the your peer’s work and comment on each other’s work. Always add to and edit your online portfolio from time to time. It may land you your dream job.

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