Five Types of Trips to Take Before Age 30

Five Types of Trips to Take Before Age 30

My twenties are coming to an end. As one chapter ends another one begins. When we reach a new milestone we all remember moments that made us happy and those that we regret. In my twenties I feel that I did things that were difficult and left my comfort zone on numerous occasions.

All this reflection led to thinking about a 30 year old travel bucket list. I’m not referring to specific locations but types of trips you should take before you turn thirty. They are the experiences you will really treasure and look back at decades later. There is so much life to be lived after thirty, but come on, our twenties are special. We have no idea what we’re doing when we start out, and slowly the training wheels are taken off. Take the types of trips that matter. Those expensive shoes in your closet will eventually end up in a GoodWill donation bag. Those memories will stay with you forever.

Girl’s Weekend

This can be a whole group of your closest buddies. It can also be a group of two or three. Pick a central location that has activities you can plan together. I fondly remember taking road trips to upstate New York and other nearby areas with friends.

New York, USA

Stroll through museums together. Go on wine tours together. Just spend time making memories. Take lots of pictures so you can look back later and remember all of the fun times.

Road Trip

Is there a destination you’ve always wanted to go to? I almost ended up on a cross-country trip. I was a lot younger and my father was not having that. Pack everyone into the car, and head out.

Montreal, Canada

There are popular routes such as Route 66 in the US. Another popular route in the US is Route 1, also known as the Post Road in areas, which served as an original “post road” for the first postal system.

Even if it’s not a cross-country road trip go somewhere even 2 hours away. Enjoy the scenery. Bring lots of snacks to save money. Make stops to buy postcards and just enjoy the ride.

Visit Europe

At some point you have to visit Europe. It doesn’t really matter which country you visit first. I have not spent much time in Europe. I’ve been to Austria and I have to say it was such an unforgettable experience.

Vienna, Austria

Take in the sights. Enjoy the European architecture. Sample the foods of the country you visit. Learn to say a few words in the country’s native tongue. One of the best parts of traveling to Europe is that you really get a bang for your buck. The countries are all relatively close together and travel between them is not expensive. When planning a trip to Europe, try to travel to at least two or three different countries.

Visit Asia

There is a reason so many college students visit Asia. Many areas are extremely affordable. And the countries located in Asia are all a foodie’s dream.

Seoul, South Korea

Decide the countries you’d like to visit. Some countries are considered less expensive in terms of transportation and accommodations. Others are somewhat more expensive, such as Japan and South Korea. You’ll be able to find a country in Asia to fit your budget.

Take in the history. Many countries include histories that are thousands of years old. Learn to write a few words in the native script of the country. If there is a traditional dress, enjoy taking photos wearing it.

Childhood Dream Destination

Is there a destination you’ve always wanted to visit since you were a child? Now is the time to visit there.

Dubai, UAE

The Middle East was that place for me. I had a love for Arabia for as long as I can remember. This past March I was able to visit Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Stepping onto the desert was a feeling I’ll never forget. It was the moment I looked around and saw only sand as far as the eye could see.

Experience that moment for yourself. What is the one place you have to see in your lifetime? Go to that place. Experience it in all its glory. Take a million photos and videos to document it. You’ll be glad you did.

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