Easily Improve Your Website’s SEO

Easily Improve Your Website’s SEO

When you start any type of blog or website the goal is for people to actually see it. Where do people decide which sites and blogs to read? This is where SEO comes in. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. You want Google to know you on a first name basis. For my blog I use Yoast SEO and it has worked very well. It helps me identify the factors I need to work on to make my content stand out on the web.


Think about what topics you are writing about? Search engines need to know how to categorize your pages and posts based on the keywords you use. They want to make sure they are giving search engine users the most relevant web pages for their search. Choose which keywords are most important and use them throughout your page or post for good SEO.

Internal Links

Are there topics in a current post that refer back to something you spoke about in a previous post? If so, you can add in what’s called an internal link to make it easier for your readers to find it. You’re basically linking your website to itself. Again, this is great for SEO.


Is your website a maze? Would someone need a site map to navigate it. Do sitemaps still exist? Making sure your site is easy to navigate makes a world of difference for SEO. Why would a search engine want to send someone into a labyrinth? The search engine is trying to take its users on the path of least resistance. Plan out how you want your site to look. The easiest way to achieve this is by using pen and paper to make your menu. This is whether you are building your site yourself or using a web designer.

Sentence and Paragraph Lengths

How long are your sentences and paragraphs? Run-on sentences are bad for SEO. Each sentence should contain a complete thought. Sentences that are too short and don’t contain enough information are also bad for SEO. Create sentences with balanced lengths. Do the same with your paragraphs. Create separate paragraphs if you start to veer off into a different idea. SEO wants to send readers to articles they want to read. There is another factor that makes people want to stay on your website.

Page Load Speeds

People will get board if your pages don’t load fast enough. It’s so sad how short our attention spans have become. It’s the truth though. Give your images a maximum width of 800 pixels. Going above 800 pixels will not improve the quality of the image on your site. It will just make your pages load slower and less SEO friendly.

Responsive Theme

Does your site look good on a desktop? That’s fantastic. It needs to look just as great on a mobile device. So many of us look at websites on our phones and tablets. We’ve all come across those pages where you have to quint and scroll endlessly to read a page on our phones. Avoid this for your readers and choose a responsive theme for your site. Maybe you have a site that was originally created using a non-responsive theme. Have not fear! There are plugins for that.

These are a few ways to improve your site’s SEO. Incorporate these into your site and see how much easier it will be for others to find you on the web.

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