South Korea Travel Diary 2016 Part 3

South Korea Travel Diary 2016 Part 3

Friends took us to our first experience at an escape room called Escape 9. It’s where you are locked in a room and use clues to solve a mystery and get out the room. We sung our hearts out in a Karaoke room (see the huge remote control below). Finally singing Taeyang’s Eyes, Nose, Lips at an actual Korean Karaoke room made me sooo happy. We thought Gangnam station shopping was something. Gangnam station has nothing on Bupyeong shopping.

The Bupyeong Underground Shopping Mall is located inside the subway station. We got the cutest shoes for $10. And because in South Korea you take your shoes off so much none of the buckles are real. They just hook together. So much easier to put on and off.

Tuesday we went to the Big Bang 10 Exhibition (below), celebrating 10 years of my favorite KPOP group Big Bang! From there we got a bite to eat at a convenience store. Their convenience stores have everything, from food to liquor to candy.

Next it was on to the long flight… As we went to the gate they had a quarantine area a searched our carry-on bags. I feel like there were announcements or something about bird flu, which was a little scary. They looked at our passports against what looked like a no-fly list. I honestly thought they might take my temperature.This flight was much longer than the first for the simple reason that it was during the day. The going flight had started at 1 am when we were already tired. I watched a movie and ate, and slept. Repeat. Repeat. I wish Cathay Pacific didn’t keep the lights off for the majority of the flight. Do we really all need to sleep for 15 hours straight? I think not.

After a really long flight we reached New Jersey around nighttime. I really don’t know what time it was but it was dark out. I was happy to be home but sad too. I was sad to leave my second home. I’ll be back though.

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