South Korea Travel Diary 2016 Part 2

South Korea Travel Diary 2016 Part 2

We spent time with friends in both Shieng and Ansan (featured image), which were about a 20 minute car ride outside of Seoul. We enjoyed lots of good times and good food.

Jongno-ro (Seoul)

We had plans to stay in a hanok. Before we got there I was sure we were staying in the famous Buckcheon Hanok village. It was a hanok village alright, but not the famous one. We stayed at the Sodam Hanok Guesthouse, which was located very close to the Subway. The room was small to say the least. But that’s what you’d expect in any traditional house. You enter a main gate to reach the hanok. Inside is a courtyard. The doors to all the rooms surround you. There is a platform where you step up to your room. Every night you leave your shoes outside. No shoes allowed inside (like most places in Korea). The floor inside was not carpet, but some type of soft vinyl. The bathroom was also small, but you could tell it had been recently updated. No shower enclosure, so you bathe yourself with a metal hose connected to the sink faucet. The owner was very friendly and cooked breakfast each morning. I’d definitely stay again.

That same Thursday we went to the YG Entertainment headquarters (see below). It was cool to see it in person. I went to inquire if there were tours and a security guard rudely told me to leave. I was waiting for Taeyang to run out and set him straight but alas, he didn’t come. We also went shopping in the Ewha Women’s University area. I loved seeing signs showing “man won”! ( approx $10) There were lots of skincare stores and cafes in addition to stores selling inexpensive clothing.

That Friday my sister and I decided to tour the Gyeongbokgung Palace. It was one of the largest palaces in the area. It was beautiful. It had been torn down and rebuilt a few times after war, etc. The grounds were gorgeous. It was so cool knowing that hundreds of years ago all the buildings surrounding it were traditional style. You completely forget you’re in the middle of Seoul. Next we headed off back to Incheon.

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