Interactive Design: Target vs. Walmart

Interactive Design: Target vs. Walmart

Everyone is vying for the Millenial dollar. Walmart decided they wanted a bigger piece of the pie. The Walmart website has definitely gone through some changes as of recent. When you compare it side by side with Target’s site you can see how much they resemble. Kudos to Walmart. Not so much for having such a similar design aesthetic as Target, but for making necessary changes toward relevancy. Print Magazine has an insightful article specifically about Walmart’s redesign.

Interactive design is so important. We, the consumer like pretty things. We appreciate sites that are straightforward and easy to navigate. If we don’t like our user experience we will go elsewhere. In the past I cringed at being called a Millennial. I felt like MIllennials were considered little brats who went elsewhere if they didn’t get their way. In reality, Millennials are individuals who know what they want and refuse to compromise. Back to the interactive design we were talking about.

Interactive design really makes a difference. Stores with decades of history are being eaten alive. Malls are becoming a dying breed. The only way they will be able to survive is to reinvent themselves. Madonna comes to mind. She reinvented herself to adapt to every new generation.

Strong Interactive Design should be considered as a non-negotiable when it comes to keeping brands relevant. It is up to the designers of the world to move things in a way where everyone can coexist, consumers and the businesses from which they consume.

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